The tree of life symbol is famous in fashion today, from necklace pendants to rings and tattoos. But the tree of life symbol carries deeper meanings than fashion and beauty. It can be a source of divine assistance, inspiration, knowledge, strength, and hope for renewal.

For a long time, the tree of life symbol has had many various meanings to many societies around the world. Today, it is an all-inclusive symbol that rises above religions and communities, and no one segment of the population can claim this symbol for themselves.

Cultural Symbolism and Meaning of the Tree of Life

Ancient Celtic Culture: The tree of life had branches stretching upwards and roots spreading profoundly deep into the ground. This was believed to portray the connection between paradise and earth. The Celts trusted that the tree symbolized peace and balance in the universe.

Today: Many people are choosing the tree of life rings for the personal meaning of balance and oneness with the creative force of the universe. The sparkling tree of life ring can not only accentuate your outfit, but it can also root you to calmness and peace.

Ancient Egypt: To Egyptians in the early centuries, the Tree of Life was a representation of the chain of events that led to the formation of the universe. Egyptian folklore has it that the sky and the Earth were couples that originated from the magnanimous acacia tree. The branches touched the heavens, the center of the tree was the universe the roots represented the underworld.

Today: By adorning yourself with a sterling silver tree of life ring, you will feel interconnected to the supreme forces of life and the rest of the universe. We don't exist as individuals; instead, we belong to our general surroundings. The tree of life jewelry represents the world and everything in it that exists for you.

Ancient Africa: The baobab tree was the tree of life in African culture. This mystical tree can store water and produce fruit even in the harshest weather conditions; so it represented divine providence. The tree was cared for and regarded with high respect among African societies.

Today: When times get hard, you can believe to be connected to the tree of life that produces fruit even in the driest of climatic conditions. With this belief, your financial stability can never waiver. A tree of life ring can be a physical representation of this belief that you carry around with you all day every day. The best tree of life ring represents abundance and prosperity.

Religious Symbolism and Meanings of the Tree of Life

Christianity Religion: Virtually everyone has heard or even read the story of creation in the book of Genesis, the Old-Testament. After eating from the tree, Adam and Eve descended into a harsh reality, utterly devoid of a direct connection to the Divine. The tree whose fruit was not to be eaten (kept pure) was their symbolic connection to Divinity.

Personal faith: If you are looking for a reminder of your connection with God, then adorning a symbolic ring like the tree of life rings may help. In the Christianity story of creation, Adam and Eve had God’s protection, Providence and Company all time every day as long as they kept the tree of life pure. The ring can be a symbol of purity as well.

Hindu Religion: When the entire earth was destroyed and encompassed by waters, the tree of life stayed unaffected. As a young child, Lord Krishna laid on leaves. It is said that Buddha prays everlastingly at this spot and that the Bodi tree at Gaya is a physical appearance of its vitality.

Personal faith: The tree speaks to that part of ourselves that stays unadulterated in spite of troublesome circumstances — insofar as we remain spiritual. You can put on a tree of life ring to keep you centered on spirituality even in the face of difficulties.

Islamic Religion: The symbolism of the tree of life in Islam is very similar to that of Christianity. These two faiths share the same account of creation. The Quran says Allah forbade Adam and Eve from eating out of the tree of immortality. After they were enticed by the devil to consume the product of the tree, they were expelled from their Divine association and left to fend for their own.

Personal faith: The Tree of Life can enable you to discover inner strength and find stability. The Tree of immortality ring symbolizes eternality and when you are afflicted with the ailment, or even death the Tree of Life symbol in the ring can be a source of hope and confidence to pull through.

Judaism: Much the same as Christianity, Judaism is in touch with the Old Testament, so the whole Tree of life/Tree of Knowledge concept is extremely imperative. But in contrast to Christianity, Judaism portrays the tree of life in the captivating Kabbalah imagery.

Personal faith: The best Tree of Life ring can be a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. If you’re a seeker and want a logo to keep you focused on your quest for spiritual education and awareness, then consider getting yourself a tree of jewelry.

Nature’s Symbolism and Meanings of the Tree of Life
Tree Of Life Ring

Rebirth: Life and death can be a hard topic to grapple with, but the only things we see coming back to life today are trees. Cut from the stump or dried out, a tree can spring back to life when conditions are right. A tree of life ring can represent that hope to you. Tree of life jewelry represents the promise of a fresh start.

Fertility: As in the case of amily Tree,’ trees are believed to be a connection to family and ancestors. The branches represent the many links to different generations. The beautiful tree of life ring can represent this procreation and fertility. That can be a perfect way to maintain high hopes when you are trying to have a baby.

Individuality: Trees come from umble beginnings’ to tower over all other types of vegetation. If you need such inspiration for achieving your dreams, a tree of life ring can be the best way to keep your hopes up.

The tree of life has diverse meanings in various cultures and religions. But what we make of it today is; a symbol of divine connection, provision, hope, wisdom and abundant life. For a positive boost of energy in your daily life, add to your collection a tree of life piece of jewelry today.

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